I believe passionately in the power of meaningful and effective design to engage and connect with your audience in an unparalleled way - educating, inspiring and ultimately enriching your relationships, bringing you closer to your goals and objectives.

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I offer a tailored approach to creating award-winning narratives from your data, building memorable brands and crafting beautiful graphic design and illustration that aims to surpass your expectations.

Why work with me?

With over 16 years of industry experience, honing my expertise in information, data and graphic design, I have built a reputation as a reliable, knowledgeable, honest and friendly designer that believes passionately in the power of design to enrich, educate, and inspire lives around the world.
Although I specialise in information and data design, my career has allowed me to build a versatile, highly transferable skillset, and I am confident turning my hand to most design disciplines as evidenced in my portfolio. I have a relatively unique range of skills at my disposal having spent my initial years in a heavily print focused environment working on large format illustrative graphic installations in the youth sector, before carving out a niche in information and data design as a freelancer. 
My career has taken me around the world working on way-finding projects for exhibitions in Qatar as well as user interface (UI) projects for mobile gaming platforms in Sweden, and later moving into dashboard design for Google experiments based in London to name a few examples. This experience allows me to bring a unique perspective to your project and approach from angles that perhaps others would not, exploring directions and bringing a different way of thinking to the table. I am curious by nature, I love the opportunity to investigate new subjects as it allows a continuous evolution and education while solving Intricate visual communication problems.
I have taken lead roles in producing creative solutions for exciting brands such as The Open University, Delta Airlines and Virgin while spearheading the design for the exciting Museum of the World experiment for The British Museum and Google, liaising directly with clients and nurturing lasting relationships. Spending the majority of my career as a freelancer, I pride myself on being self motivated, disciplined and highly professional. I am at home integrating and leading new teams with confidence, at ease adapting to new environments, more than capable of managing projects and extremely comfortable hitting the ground running, so you can be assured that your projects will be delivered on time, on budget and with quantifiable results.
Brand Experience
I have worked with some of the world's biggest brands, often working within brand guideline constraints, at times being asked to break them, and on other occasions asked to rewrite brand rules. As fun and exciting as it is to work with such huge brands, I also love to get my hands on new, up and coming brands to help define and shape their future story and direction.

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My work has received many accolades, featuring in the Information is Beautiful Awards, the FWA Site of the day, the Cream Awards, iDN Magazine and Behance's Graphic Design & Illustration curated galleries. I have also had numerous projects published in design books and journals around the world.
A day in the life
Ok, so less of the professional spiel, You want to know who I am and what makes me tick. The important questions, like how likely are you to see me feature on Jeremy Kyle? Can I make a decent cup of tea? And is there any danger of a Vengaboys inspired pop playlist to make your ears bleed when it's my turn to take the helm of the Spotify playlist...

(The answers are 1 - stranger things have happened, 2 - does a bear **** in the woods? and 3 - probably best to keep me away from Spotify duties)
Despite not having yet ventured into fatherhood, I enjoy a good dad joke and I'm often quoting obscure lines from my favourite movies Hot Fuzz and Anchorman. I am a converted flexitarian - nothing to do with eating when striking yoga poses and everything to do with being mostly vegitarian with an inability to give up sushi and bacon. A firm believer in a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away.

Most weekends I am either 'sending it' down mountains on my mountain bike or cycling ridiculous distances on my road bike, failing that you will find me kicking up a storm watching my beloved Leicester City Football Club. I spend most of my breaks snowboarding, going to festivals or seeking out new and exotic destinations to tick off my travel list.

I am an advocate for positive mental health practices and an ambassador for NACOA (the National Association for Children of Alcoholics). Every year I raise money for charity, in 2017 I completed a 9 day cycle across the length of Britain as part of a 2500 mile challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support raising over £3,000, and in 2018 I am cycling the Velothon Wales and Ride London to raise funds for Mind, the mental health charity.
Here are some nice words in testimonial from clients and colleagues over the years
"Leigh is a brilliant Graphic Designer. He has the one thing John Hegarty says you can't teach, a good sense of taste and style. His craftsmanship is also of the highest standard and while he has youthful enthusiasm he has a willingness to learn more about his craft"
- Billy Mawhinney, Creative Director at WJPM
"Leigh is a quality designer with a few specialist areas - corporate ID, brand identity, infographics. When given a brief he will digest the requirements fully and craft a highly polished visual. A designer who truly cares about what he produces"
- June Hacker, McCann Erickson
"Leigh is a designer of the highest calibre. He always tries to push the boundaries and achieve higher than the brief set. Lush is the word I would use to describe his work, with info-graphics being his specialist area which really showcases his talents. His passion shines through on projects - as he is constantly trying to improve and keeping pace with new trends. Great guy too :) No hesitations in recommending Leigh for any job he applies for"
- Vijay Ram, Freelance Designer & 3D Illustrator at Veej
"I would fully endorse Leigh. As a designer there are few people more passionate about their work. As a person Leigh is great fun to be around and is as easy going as they come. As a professional Leigh is dedicated and the most creative info-graphics designer (that I know)"
- Michael Waddle, Senior Integrated Designer at OLIVER Agency
"Leigh is a very driven and passionate individual, whilst working with Leigh on the 'One Brilliant Future' project at Innersmile he proved to be a great asset to the project team and showed a diverse set of skills and creative thinking. Leigh is a true problem solver and can direct a project team with ease, I feel leadership is something that comes naturally to him and would highly recommend him as a designer"
- Gemma Hose, Senior Creative Production at Forever Beta
"Leigh is a reliable and fastidious designer, with a very good eye. He uses his creativity with intelligence and sees his projects through to their best possible conclusion. His experience has made him a well-rounded and interesting designer. His enthusiasm makes him a valuable and inspiring person to work with. And he's a very nice guy!"
- Mark Jesset, Paper Consultant with GF Smith
"Leigh's a great guy with a particular talent and passion for branding and infographic design. His ability to convert what may seem like mindless data into comprehensible, engaging graphics when working on an infographic brief and his attention to detail when considering a branding project is what sets him apart. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for support in the above"
- Ashika Chauhan, Digital Director at Bigdog