Collective Collaboration

Collaborating with 4 other designers to produce a bi-monthly free youth culture magazine with
a difference, WHIFF magazine was born, with an aim to focus on youth culture, anarchy and
alternative style.

This a conceptual art direction piece that sets the look and feel for all future WHIFF issues. WHIFF was to be a free culture magazine in the vain of Vice, Left Lion or SixtyNine and it's main target market is trendy, alternative people aged 16 - 25. It featured a smell strip that ran down the spine of the magazine that could be torn off to reveal a scent that related to the issues content, a bellyband that entailed the issues contents, and a centerpiece with the issues photographic journals, in this case a journal on Brooke Cutmore's fashion design work entitled 'The Dark Side Of Disney' - which was both art directed and designed by Studio LeighLeigh.

My personal input in to this magazine consisted of sourcing a professional photographer, producing visuals for, and lead directing, the 'Dark Side Of Disney' photoshoot, contributing towards the overall look and feel of the project, along with contributing design and author of ‘WHIFF’S WORLD’ and ‘Rule Shitannia’ articles within the magazine. All other design aspects were decided and negotiated upon within team below.

This project was created in collaboration with Jenny Storey, Daniel Cullen, James Froggatt, Jacob Kessler and Brooke Cumore.
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