Stoke: Shelton 'Uth' Center Acrylics

Stoke City Council commissioned Innersmile to 'kit-out' 11 of their youth centers, Shelton was the first of these youth centers to be given the Innersmile treatment.

Inspirational quotes were one of the themes picked up on during a meeting with the young people of this youth center, I was drafted in to this project to help create a set of four unique acrylic pieces along with the Innersmile team. These three pieces here represent my solutions, Gandhi, Holmes and Ali, that complete a set of four along with Churchill, created by another member of the Innersmile team. Each design was illustrated by hand before being placed into Adobe Illustrator and printed onto luminous blood orange A1 acrylic and drilled with a one inch stand off from the walls.
Concepts & Design by Leigh Riley with the Innersmile team,
Photography by Chris Denner,

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