Stoke: Berry Hill 'Uth' Center

Stoke City Council commissioned Innersmile to 'kit-out' 11 of their youth centers, Berry Hill was the Fourth of these youth centers to be given the Innersmile treatment.

Berry Hill wasn't without it's complications as it was also used by the school next door, so it was a heavily restricted and censored project. However the Innersmile team went beyond expectations and once again delievered another fantastic refurbishment of another Stoke-On-Trent 'Uth' Center.
The project was held together using some of Luke Kirbalija's superbly crafted space themed graphics and photoshop work. My contribution lay within the main beam signage and a large scale illustration themed upon the future and alien space, creating hand puppets in a surreal vector environment.
Berry Hill Puppet Wall
Berry Hill Beam
Gateway Signage
Concepts & Design by Leigh Riley
Overview Images are representational of the work by Innersmile as a collective
Berry Hill was produced by the Innersmile team,
Selected photographs by Chris Denner.
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