The Interpreters, a research agency based in Melbourne, Australia, wanted to celebrate the achievements of their first year in business. They asked for something they could display with pride within their office, that is both visually engrossing and data accurate.
We set about combing through the data provided, re-organising and calculating measures that could be used to create an informative and appealing data visualisation, and eventually settled on taking the client data as a percentage of revenue for each project within that year. The data was primarily placed into alphabetical order by client, with a secondary focus on projects produced for each client in descending order from the largest to smallest in revenue, broken down as a percentage, with a tertiary level of when the project was awarded by The Interpreters clients.
Once the data had been agreed upon, sketches of possible routes to explore were produced along with mood boards for the client to select from. A circular graphic was always the preference as it allows for an easy to follow structure and lends itself to the 3 main parameters of the project.
An all encompassing visualisation that details the entirety of a years business for The Interpreters on a single A1 print. The clients are split in alphabetical clockwise arrangement with a slice that is representative of the overall yearly revenue, with each client split further into projects and the percentage of which each project represented of that particular clients revenue. This was then further enhanced by corresponding bubble measures, of which the size represents the percentage that each project’s contribution to the overall yearly revenue - which in turn sits on a month by month scale to show the month in which the project was awarded.
The final visualisation was received with great praise and currently hangs pride of place at The Interpreters HQ in Melbourne, Australia.
Client: The Interpreters, on behalf of Data Design
Disciplines: Data visualisation
Format: 594 x 841 mm (A1)

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