The Damned

An info-graphic broadsheet insert mapping the effects of the Three Gorges dam, the largest hydro-power project in the world, on it's surrounding environment along the Yangtze River in China. A piece of information design that focused the effects of the Three Gorges Dam in China. After seeing these effects for myself, this cause became something close to my heart and I wished to bring this to the attention of the western public. I researched the Sociological, Environmental and Ecological effects the dam has had on it’s surrounding area and presented it in an informative, detailed way to try and translate the sheer scale of it's effect on it's surroundings. After creating a visual language to communicate the stats and figures I had collated I set about laying my information out in broadsheet format as a newspaper insert / poster. This was designed to reveal the story piece by piece as you unfold the broadsheet, as can be seen below. Intended Paper Stock Fenner Recycled 80gsm Actual Paper Stock John E Wright Semi Matte 170gsm

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