Sunshine & Happiness

This work was undertaken for Uk flight & holiday operator Fly Thomas Cook for the purpose of link bait and SEO. They came to me with the idea of finding a correlation between sunshine and happiness, and we ultimately concluded there isn't one. I crafted the data sets in to easy to follow graphic charts, utilising a playful, holiday feel that ties in with the Fly Thomas Cook brand. The main circular graphic was made to double up as a globe an also represent the 'sun' using the data logging as the sun rays. It uses 3 main data sets, life expectancy, life satisfaction and average hours of sunshine per country as it attempts to find a correlation between the subjects. The success behind this info graphic, although not finding a positive correlation, is that it is emotive and informative and allows the viewer to cross reference destinations for travel or even compare and contrast their homeland to others. Strong colour coding is used within the map to correlate to life satisfaction which is in clockwise order of least to most. 2 supporting data maps are provided with the Happy Planet Index and the Wold Database of Happiness, while many facts and figures are presented below, providing snippets of what good the sun does provide to health, and how it may benefit your being. Ultimately this was used to entice people on to Fly Thomas Cook's website and book holidays, therefore displaying Thomas Cook destinations in the main graphic and then backing up sunshine benefits below sends a positive message for the viewer to do just that. This info graphic has also been translated in to Dutch, French, Turkish and Greek along with interest from Lonely Planet to publish it in their travel guide. Commissioned by Arena Quantum for Fly Thomas Cook

Client // Arena Quantum for Fly Thomas Cook
Concepts & Design by Rileigh Design. Copyright 2011.
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