ReSite: Concorde

A set of 40 double-sided sheets commemorating one of the greatest designs to ever grace our skies, the Concorde. These were produced as part of the ongoing ReSite project in Australia. Designed with a 70's instruction manual feel in mind, the idea is to inform the viewer about the Concorde and it's achievements, celebrating it's ingenuity and allow the viewer to participate in following the instructions to construct an origami version of the Concorde on the same sheet. The instructions and design has been produced so that the origami folds can be made without obstructing the participant's view of the instructions at any point. A fold by fold diagram set is on the front cover, which pairs up to colour coded, numbered fold lines on the reverse. What is ReSite? ReSite is a monthly collection of 40 A5 sheets that has contributors from all over the globe. The idea behind ReSite is simple, anyone can be involved, all you have to do is produce something on or with an A5 sheet of whatever material you choose (providing it is flat for postage) and it must have some level of human interactivity.

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