Duality & The Self

Duality & The Self was an exhibition held in London, UK, 2012. The exhibition focused on three themes, Langauge, Appearance and Environment and aimed to show the many cultural differences and adaptations young immigrant women make when moving to the UK. I was commissioned to create the branding, posters, exhibition graphics and film storyboards for the exhibition. The brand language I created was inspired by arabic geometric pattern, using black and gold to emphasise the 'middle eastern' feel of the project, and also to blend with the feel the graphics were trying to represent. The logotype itself was born from the idea that each individual showcased within the exhibition were living dual identities, one very much British, and another very much native to their culture of origin. Brand icons were developed from this idea of dual identity also. The typeface Dead History was used as a base for the logotype and modifed for straight edges, this typeface was fitting for the project as it attempts to merge both san-serif and serif typefaces into one. The very idea encapsulates what this project is about, one individual from two very different cultures.

Brand Pattern
Event Poster
Concertina Exhibition Map
Exhibition Graphics
Exhibition Film Strips
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